Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Present!

I hope everyone had a blasting X-mas and New Year!
I made a little gift for my girl, a simple poster of her and her pets
and other things that are important to her. She didn't ask for anything expensive for
Christmas (thank god! :) -I'm broke-) but instead she asked me to make her something
instead, so i did this! :)

She Loved it!


Eugenio Enrique Herrera Pérez said...

Wow! what a present! sure you are going to have a good year Adrian!

Lara West said...

I wish you a year full of satisfaction and happiness Andrian!
Great present!

Adrian Barrios said...

Thanks Guys! - I wish the both of you a Great New Year! i think we all deserve one! :)

Keith Conroy said...

Show off.

Glad she liked it, but then again how could she not!?
Here's hoping for a great New year for everyone...this years project, an animated short!!! Are you ready!?

Mimi Cortazar said...

Very impressive illustration :)

Robert Bandel said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love the Maya test's as well. The crazy camera moves on little rocket man are great. Hope as is well.

otis brayboy II said...

Nice dude! You teach me new S#!! every day!
Love yOu DuDe!

Sito Too!

George said...

yah, i don't think i like you much.

sorry, thats just jealousy talking

rua said...

your blog is amazing and the drawings are great ^-^

keep the good work \(^-^)/

Joseph Lee said...

Wow! What a present! Amazing illustration as always!

Javas said...


Elliott said...

yo dude,

found you linked on keith's blog. pretty amazing work here...really awesome. Never got to see your work outside of turtles, this stuff is insane! the bot factory and pet robot posts towards the bottom are especially sick!



david santos said...

Fantastc card!!! Good inspiration! Congratulations. Happy Day!!!

Anonymous said...

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